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Fusion Networks offer our network engineering resources to our customers to complete help design, troubleshoot or mitigate any type of network.

Network Design

Whether its single site or multi-site our team will help optimize the design of your network to provide faster transport speeds and more reliable service to your organization.

Network Issues

Fusion Networks will assist with network LAN/WAN issue's and provide troubleshooting and mitigation, for any findings we determine to be holding your network back from optimal performance.

Network Audits

Fusion Networks will provide an equipment, policy and security audit and render the proper steps that are required to get you working in an optimal pace.

Fusion Advanced Technical Services:
Our A White Glove Boutique Approach

Our Services:


Make our Experience and Knowledge your Experience and Knowledge. Our Network Engineering Team has vast experience working with networks of varying size and complexity. Fusion can offer our resources to assist your Networking Project of any size or scale. We can troubleshoot existing networks and offer affective solutions or assist in migrating to an entirely new infrastructure. Fusion Engineers have experience with a vast spectrum of hardware including Mikrotik, Cisco, Juniper, SonicWALL, Meraki, Fortinet and many more.


Knowledge is power! Fusion Training Services offer multiple levels training to fit your needs. One on One to Multi-User training Fusion can get your team the information and knowledge they need to Maintain and Manage your systems.


We Finish what we Start! No matter how you work with Fusion, we will see it through to completion. Fusion can leverage our Experience and Third-Party relationships to assist with any task that we can.


Simplicity and Clarity of design is key for any Network. Fusion can assist in any step of the design process to ensure that your network is free from unnecessary complexity and is scalable to accommodate future growth.


Custom Solutions for your Custom Environment, not one size fits all. Fusion offers customized network solutions to ensure you WAN and LAN function as you need. No matter the complexity or size of your network Fusion will find a solution that will fit your requirements.


Many hands make work lite, often multiple teams need to coordinate to complete a network project. Fusion will work with all of your vendors to ensure your project is completed smoothly. Be it Construction Teams to Phone System Vendors, we have experience working with them all to coordinate the delivery of your services.

Selected Case Studies

Emergency Housing Non-Profit with 30+ Locations

This Non-Profit organization came to Fusion Networks because their previous voice and data provider was using outdated technology and was charging prices that were no longer competitive. We developed a transition plan that allowed us to seamlessly migrate all locations to Fusion Networks services with minimal downtime. Fusion created networking bridges connecting the old provider to the new infrastructure to ensure that all data and networks traffic was able to be accessed from any office. In the end Fusion was able to provide them a simplified network with significant cost savings.

Non-Profit Legal Services with 20+ locations

Working with the organizations staff, we were to help find the best overall network solution for their environment.  Many of the office are located in Court House buildings that lack the ability to provide physical connections. We helped them with setting up VPN connectivity over 4G/5G devices replacing legacy DSL connectivity in other locations.  The customer also required some specific Security and Policy Routing features the Fusion met by deploying SD-WAN solutions. Fusion’s SD-WAN product allowed us to provide visibility into network usage and a Full Security suite ensuring critical client data was protected at the network level. Fusion engineers assisted with their hiring process, vetting candidates for experience and networking knowledge.

Fast Growing Ophthalmology Firm with 70+ locations

The firm added over 40 locations in a 3-month period. Fusion was able to adjust their infrastructure to simply their network topology while maintaining full network redundancy for all existing and new offices. We deployed our SD-WAN solution which was used to ensure that mission critical data was able to be prioritized above all other traffic. We also use Policy Based Routing with 3rd Party Circuits to ensure internet access remains up and stable even during carrier outages.

NY Metro Regional Radiology Firm with 6 locations

In modern radiology, the ability to transfer large image-based files quickly for analysis is a must. Fusion deployed a network of 10 Gigabit low latency fiber circuits at all locations ensuring that Bandwidth Contention and network latency was a thing of the past. When the firm added an Image Processing Vendor that was based in Colorado, Fusion came to the rescue by being able to deliver a Secure E-Line connection directly to the Processor. The was provided the necessary connectivity needed to transfer data securely and quickly. During the process of deployment, the Firm indicated that they were having some local LAN Routing issue, Fusion Engineers we able to assist with the troubleshooting and determined that core routing was based on static routes and not a dynamic routing protocol. We suggested using OSPF in this environment which solved many of the issues they were experiencing.

Aerospace Industry Manufacturer

After opening a new location with it’s own isolated network, the end users started experiencing voice quality issues. Fusion Network Engineers were able to troubleshoot the issue and determine that the newly installed Firewall was causing issues with UDP traffic. The Firewall manufacturer confirmed that it was a bug. After updating firmware the issues were resolved.

Regional Mechanic

The primary location for the company was experiencing issues with phones not working properly. Most problematic was the phones would reboot periodically. After investigating we were able to determine that the POE switch providing power to the phones was not supplying enough power. After replacing the POE switch all issues were resolved at the location.

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*Metro Ethernet - Delivering Layer 2 - E-Line and E-Lan services, along with colocation via Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure hosting.
*DIA providing Single IP Failover.
*Direct BGP Peering
*SD-WAN Solutions

Our Metro-Ethernet LAN (E-LAN) solution uses point-to-multipoint Ethernet virtual circuits over dedicated fiber to deliver service within a metro market. In addition we build in a diverse small business backup circuit for transparent failover in case the fiber goes down.

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