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Our MS TEAMS Quick and Simple integration can be deployed with one-click. No additional hardware needed or specialized skills required!


From filtering your call history and dialing straight from your contacts list, to transferring calls externally to PSTN.

Intuitive UI

Refreshed interface and improved user experience, enabling users to do what they need to do quickly and efficiently.

Native Experience

Every click, action and call takes place within Teams. No cross launch or additional software to install.

Simple, effective and fit for purpose in organizations of any size.

Our Fusion MS Teams Service is a powerful, native solution for enabling calling in Microsoft Teams Brought to you by Call2Teams.

Fusion MS Teams Service Highlights

Deliver Cost Efficiencies

Provision some of your users with Teams calling (Microsoft Teams Phone License) and others on physical phones.

New Geographies

In some regions, calling in Microsoft Teams is out of reach of resource limited businesses. Teams Phone gives access to enterprise capability!

Flexible Rollout

Flexible user management, per user, per month subscription provisioning and billing with user-by-user rollout.

Call From Any Device

All in one MS Teams has proven itself in the mobile and distributed telephony technology space. Fusion networks teamed up with Call2Teams to deliver unprecedented call features and integrated teams architecture.

Public Sector

Support large public sector organizations in providing Teams calling in a way they need, meeting constrained budget criteria.

World-Class Support & SLA

Around the clock, 24x7x365 support and our ethernet product portfolio is backed by strong Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Teams PBX Integration

Call2Teams patches directly to your PBX allowing call flow from the get go!

Global Scope

A truly global platform operating in Microsoft's Azure cloud and served from super-clusters in four continents delivering an enterprise-grade service.

Looking For Technical Specifications?

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Fusion MS Teams Service is powered by Call2Teams, a middleware product that easily voice-enables Microsoft Teams around existing enterprise-grade telephony.

Fusion MS Teams Use Cases

Fusion MS Teams Services will allow you to easily scale and provide phone integration to everyone in your organization.

"Our organization loves using Teams, but we do not have calling in Teams for all our staff. It would be great to bring Teams calling for all our staff, but we have an existing phone system we can’t afford to replace.

We are a medium-sized business, with some staff desk-based, some out on the road and some working in our warehouse. If we were able to provide calling within Teams, with no additional
software to maintain that would allow us to utilize Teams across our organization to its full extent."

Fusion MS Teams Services enables you to scale cost-effectively, bringing native Teams calling to all.

"Working in the public sector we need to consider carefully how we allocate budgets.

The rise in the use of Microsoft Teams in recent months has certainly opened our eyes to how we can utilize this collaborative tool to help us work more efficiently. Yet it is unclear how we can connect our existing phone system to Microsoft Teams in a cost-effective way. Our telephone is well established, and we would not want to rip and replace it.

We have staff that is desk-based, a number that is public-facing, and those that travel between sites. So being able to level up all staff, by offering calling in Teams would be a great advantage."

Phone App Price Just $3.00

Fusion MS Teams Services allows resellers to offer a commercially competitive case for voice-enabling Microsoft Teams.

"We are always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. Looking to support our resellers with innovative ways to support their SME end-users.

Microsoft is bringing big changes to the voice market. Organizations may be looking to move their calling wholesale to Microsoft Calling Plans. We need to empower our resellers with a solution that is
comparable, commercially competitive, and easy to deploy.

A solution that also enables them to maintain the value add of their own feature-rich PBX."

Mix and match Fusion MS Teams Services across an organization alongside users with a Teams Phone license.

"For organizations who want to voice-enable everyone, but where different cohorts have different patterns of use.

As Microsoft Teams starts/continues to become the de facto working environment for employees, organizations will need to voice-enable everyone. Fusion MS Teams Services allows organizations to do this, whilst at the same time taking into consideration different patterns of use (they can use Teams
Phone for some users alongside Phone App)."

• Providing a hybrid approach to calling in Teams
• Applying a full MS license where appropriate, applying Phone App for users not requiring Teams Phone

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